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MOTOFLOW 1 and 2

Motoflow, our powerful magnetic fuel conditioner is designed to condition petrol or diesel prior to combustion to help increase power, save fuel and reduce emissions. Fuel that is conditioned by a strong magnetic force can carry more energy and mixes more readily with air resulting in a more complete combustion, which in turn may reduce fuel consumption.

Incredibly easy to fit - simply attaches to the fuel supply pipe of your petrol or diesel engine.

M1 is suitable for larger engines up to 3 litres
M2 is recommended for smaller engines up to 1.6 litres and motorbikes.
For vehicles over 3 litres more than one Motoflow may be required.

M1 - W70mm x D66mm x H30mm
M2 - W34mm x D27mm x H14mm

PRICE:- €65