Magnotherapy is the application of a magnetic field to living tissue. Magnotherapy is not new, it has been used for thousands of years to help relieve pain and accelerate the natural healing process. And has gained popularity in recent times for three main reasons:-

The demand for natural remedies as an alternative to traditional medication.
The advancement and better understanding of magnet technology.
The public awareness and huge success of the Bioflow range.


Where modern drugs target various medical conditions, magnotherapy supports the maintenance of the body’s basic essentials – its transportation and communications systems. Magnotherapy helps in two primary areas:-

By helping the electrolytes pass information by maintaining the conductivity of living cells
By encouraging the processes that produce ions containing oxygen with strong oxidising or reducing capabilities that help maintain the pH balance

Most of the conditions that magnotherapy may help are all dependant on a healthy pH balance. Conditions such as arthritis, sports injuries, poor circulation, high blood pressure, skin complaints, fatigue syndrome and general aches and pains.

Standard magnets tend to have low power and minimal effect on blood passing through its field as it does not provide any pole reversal. (see below)

CRP Magnet: (see diagrm below) Due to the circular design it is only the blood that passes through the centre of the field that receives the full benefit. The remainder is subjected to a variable frequency and blood that does not pass through the small central field does not receive any pulsing effect

The Bioflow range of products is manufactured by Bioflow Ltd, a British company that was formed in 1991 by NIGEL BRODERICK. The Company’s origins were founded on the application of magnetic fields to hydro-carbon based fuels, although now their operations have expanded to include Magnetohydrodynamics as well as magnotherapy.

Nigel Broderick is a leading authority in the use of magnetic fields to help alleviate pain, promote healing and improve general well-being. Nigel’s research into the use of static magnetic fields led to him designing a module that simulated a pulsed field through the bloodstream without the use of electrical power. His invention of the unique CRP® (central reversed polarity) magnetic field was applied to a magnetic therapy product called Bioflow® that became the world’s leading product of its type. This module actually mimics the electro-magnetic fields used in professional applications but without using any electrical power and without producing any electro-magnetic waves, it is presented as a lightweight product with infinite applications. The CRP®  module supplies sufficient natural power to activate molecular agitation. The Bioflow® was originally designed for human use and this range of products has been expanded to provide a number of models. The Bioflows that are available for animals have been developed as a direct result of customers’ experiences and successes on their own animals. The Bioflow® products have all evolved from real situations and are still one of the leading magnotherapy products on the market.